George Williams – Artist’s Blog: ”What chance have I?’

Announced earlier in 2022, George Williams, Associate Artist with TIN Arts, has started the creative process as part of commission received from Dance City to make a new work.

The Big Idea
‘What chance have I?’ is the working title for a new idea George is exploring with collaborators Liina Turtonen (musician) and Jem Clancy (dance/digital artist).

George’s idea is to explore the set of ‘chance occurrences’ which affect us all and decides much about us from our personality to the areas in which we are strongest and weakest in terms of intelligence. For George, his disability (global development delay) is largely determined by how his brain’s electric signals fired and formed when he was very young. But to what extent might this ‘early life’ chance event determine to what extent his ongoing life ‘chances’ are different to others? George’s idea is to bring the idea of ‘chance’ to life through dance exploring what is a fair flip of a coin or a fair roll of a di? And who gets to do the flipping/rolling?

R&D (Research and Development)

For the first day of R&D, the team came together at CECA in Hartlepool to hear about each others practices, ideas in response to the theme of chance as well as play with movement, music and animation.Here are a couple of pics from the day and more information will be shared about the development of ‘What Chance Have I?’ soon. We will also be starting a new Living Archive to capture the sights and sounds of the ongoing R&D process so watch this space.



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