Heart to Heart

Commissioned by the North East North Cumbria Congenital Heart Disease (NENC CHD) Network and produced by TIN Arts, “Heart to Heart” is a short film exploring the hopes, challenges, and dreams of five resilient young souls living with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD).

“Heart to Heart” is now available to view here: Heart to Heart

Writer Laura Lindow and filmmaker Laura Degnan, regular collaborators of TIN Arts, were invited to lead the project and to work with the young people to bring to life a new work that reflected conversations and meetings held between the young people and the artists.

At the heart of this project are the five extraordinary young people, who have generously shared their unique perspectives. “Heart to Heart” is their voice, their narrative, and their opportunity to convey their message directly to the world. What has emerged is a manifesto, a pledge, a promise to themselves, their peers and the wider CHD community.

On the 8th of November 2023, there was a private preview for the young people involved and their families before the film premiered at the British Congenital Cardiac Association conference in Bristol on the 14th of November 2023. 

There have been many people involved in the creating and making of Heart to Heart who deserve massive thanks and praise.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Kaye Walsh from the CHD Network for commissioning this film and for her invaluable expertise and insights throughout the journey. Special thanks are due to Laura and Laura for their outstanding creative contributions, dedicating countless hours to bring this vision to life.

Animator Sheryl Jenkins and composer/performer Katie Doherty have both brought their brilliance to the process and elevated the work to a whole new level.

Last but certainly not least, we extend our deepest gratitude to the young people who have shared their stories and experiences with us. This film truly belongs to them. Witness for yourself how bright they shine and the deep significance their words hold for the CHD community and beyond.  

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