Introducing… TIN Arts’ brand new website!

A whole lot has changed this year – so why not our website?! We’ve given it a refresh and hope you like it. Here’s what we’ve done and why…

One of the complexities here at TIN Arts is that with over 20 years of delivery we have done quite a lot of stuff! Trying to communicate the different strands of our work to folk who haven’t heard of us or maybe only know one aspect of what we do has always been a challenge. You’ll see from our new site that we have taken a slightly new direction with an aim to articulate what we do more clearly, as well as advocating for change across the sector.

Since our 20th birthday in January 2019, we have been working behind the scenes with Adapt for Arts who have supported us to refine our vision and mission statements. By involving the whole team we were able to get better clarity on how to explain and share our ethos as well as aligning our thinking across the entire company (which has grown quite a bit since it was just Martin and Tess back in 1999!).

You can look forward to reading plenty more blog posts in this section of the website and if you’ve got a story to tell then we’d love to hear from you to be a guest writer – just get in touch and let us know! Our aim with the blog is to tell the stories of the community we work with – and who better to do that than the community themselves?!

We’ve also developed pages to showcase our current and past projects with lots of exciting content from images to videos and opportunities to get involved with the latest happenings. Our resources section contains some free downloads for anyone who finds them useful – sharing our learning and our practice is hugely important to us. In addition, we’ve built a little secret door in this area for our current participants who will be provided with a password to access the latest information and documents online.

Our staff page has had a refresh too so that you can see the people you might meet at TIN Arts. There will be a few more sections to come in the next few months but we just couldn’t wait any longer to get the word out and share our new look! We hope you like it and will visit us again soon.

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