A new TIN initiative
TIN Arts are piloting (testing) a new role within our team called a ‘Community Champion’.

A ‘Community Champion’ will find ways to show or share with people with a disability who live in County Durham the positive benefits of taking part in community activities especially the Arts. For the first pilot (test) we have invited a small group of TIN participants to try the new role and work with us to best understand the role and how well it works. Eventually we would like more participants from across TIN Arts to have a chance to be a Community Champion.

Each Community Champion has chosen an area of development from the 4 A’s: Artist, Activity Leader, Ambassador and Advocate. Additionally, they are each supported by a TIN Buddy of their choice (a member of the TIN delivery team) who is there to guide and support them on their journey of progression.

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Why is TIN Arts doing this?

Over the years TIN Arts have had the pleasure of meeting and working with many talented people with a disability. We are passionate about creating employment opportunities in the Arts and Cultural sector for people with a Learning Disability as an artist, activity leader, ambassador and advocate. But we know when you have a learning disability then there are very few chances to train for a job in the Arts so we have looked at how we as an organisation can create new pathways and progression routes to overcome this barrier.

The TIN Arts Community Champions role is the first step to try to change things!

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Thanks to County Durham Community Foundation for supporting The Community Champions initiative with funding from the NHS Community Connector.